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Products and Services

Private Label
We sell health product such as Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary Supplement, Nutritional Supplements, Natural Products and Herbal Products under our own private label "VitaminOcean".
Wholesale & Distribution
We are one of the leading distributor of following products:
1. Health Products (Vitamins, Minerals, Dietary & Nutritional Supplements, Natural product, herbal products and more)
2. Beauty Products (Personal Care & Professional Care Beauty Products and Appliances)
3.Grocery and Food products (Natural, Organic and Speciality products)
This channel is directed towards our business customers who wish to purchase the products in bulk at a discounted price.
Online Retail
We provide an exhaustive selection of high quality health, beauty and grocery products directly to the end consumers through our website
This channel is directed towards our customers who are the end consumers and do not purchase the products in bulk.
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